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LED Filament assembly machine

Machine serve the purpose to feed in and assembly LED Filament sticks at the glass stem. On turntable with 36 working positions are electric wire are bent according requirement. Automatically feed in LED filament sticks are connected with wires of the glass stem using spot welding. Welding current can be precisely adjusted for optimum the welded-making.
Technical Specifications:
Number of machine: 1
Operators: 2
Stems / hour: 900 - 1200
(2,4 or 8 Filaments per stem)
Lampentyp: A60, G45, C35
Media: 380V, Natural gas, Oxygen, Pressed Air, Low pressed Air
Dimension (BxLxH): 1460 x 1460 x 1250 (mm)
Weight: 1350 kg
Electric Power: 10 kW